Tutorial 5: Selenium

Adapter of Selenium scripts (used by Firefox IDE plugin) to Yoda format

Command line

It is controlled via command gen-selenium with following options.


  • –input <path>: path to Selenium script


  • –gen-output <path>: path to output file, default <test suite>.jedi
  • –gen-browser <title>: browser to be used, default Firefox
  • –gen-timeout <number>: timeout for wait commands, default 10


$ htk --gen-input test.html --gen-output test.jedi gen-selenium

Script adapted

$ htk --gen-input test.html --gen-browser PhantomJS --gen-timeout 5 gen-selenium

Script adapted

Adapter supports the commands which are currently supported by plugin export capability to Python unittest. See file hydratk.extensions.datagen.adapters.selenium.config for full list of supported commands (dictionary mapping, value != cmd_dummy). If adapter detects not supported command the info is printed. Adapt generated file or remove the command from original file.