Tutorial 3: YodaTree

This section shows how to use YodaTree.

Test tree

Current test content is parsed and displayed in tree form. Each item is highlighted in text after click.


Some Yoda tags are hidden to display shorter tree. Tags are configured.

    hidden_tags: Author,Id,Path,Desc,Version,Pre-Req,Post-Req,Events,Test,Validate

Test design

Client supports test design. It is not necessary to deal with Yoda format. Available actions are offered in context menu (right click on requested tag).

  • Test-Scenario - add test scenario, test case, pre-requirement, post-requirements, events

  • Test-Case - add test condition, events

  • Test-Condition - add events


Use menu item Plugin/Syntax check to check test content. Found errors are written to log.

../../../../_images/yoda_tree_05_syntax_check_ok.png ../../../../_images/yoda_tree_06_syntax_check_err.png