Tutorial 2: Editor

This section shows how to use Editor.

Standard functions

Editor supports standard functions accessible from menu Edit or context menu (right click).

  • Undo - go 1 change back.

  • Redo - go 1 change forward.

  • Cut - cut text and store it to clipboard.

  • Copy - copy text to clipboard.

  • Paste - paste text from clipboard.

  • Delete - delete text.

  • Select all - select whole text content.

  • Goto - goto requested line.

    ../../../../_images/editor_01_goto.png ../../../../_images/editor_02_goto.png
  • Find - find requested string in text.

    ../../../../_images/editor_03_find.png ../../../../_images/editor_04_find.png
  • Replace - find string in text and replace with requested string.

    ../../../../_images/editor_05_replace.png ../../../../_images/editor_06_replace.png


Text font is configured.

    family: Courier New
    size: 12
    style: normal

Font size can be changed in editor, use menu items View/Increase font or View/Decrease font.

Additional bars

Editor provides line numbers bar and info bar (cursor position). Displaying can be enabled/disabled via menu items View/Line numbers and View/Info bar.

The values are also configured.

  show_info_bar: 1
  show_line_number: 1

Syntax highlighting

Editor supports syntax highlighting. Python keywords, strings, Yoda tags.


The colors are configured.

    keyword: '#0000FF'
    string: '#008F00'
    yoda: '#A52A2A'

Text formatting

Editor supports automatic text formatting.

Some Python keywords trigger indent (method, class, loop, control condition, ...) and dedent (return, break, pass, ...). Yoda tags trigger indent.

Indent lengths are configured.

    indent_python: 4
    indent_yoda: 2

When you type opening bracket, closing bracket is automatically amended.

Code autocomplete

Editor supports automatic code completion for Python. Use shortcut Ctrl+Space to show window with available completion.


When only one completion is available it is automatically amended. Completions are searched in PYTHONPATH and current file (Python or Jedi).

Syntax check

Editor supports syntax check. Use menu item Source/Syntax check. The check is available for Python and Jedi files. Found errors are written to log.

../../../../_images/editor_09_syntax_check_ok.png ../../../../_images/editor_10_syntax_check_err.png