This sections contains module documentation of debugging modules.


Module provides debugging methods. Unit tests available at hydratk/lib/debugging/simpledebug/01_methods_ut.jedi

  • dmsg

Method prints debug message. The text is automatically translated and filled with dynamical parameters.

  • wmsg

Method writes warning message.


Modules provides class FirePot which implements FireLogger protocol. Unit tests available at hydratk/lib/debugging/firepot/01_methods_ut.jedi

Attributes :

  • _items - list of log records
  • _enabled - logger state
  • _levels
  • _name
  • _counter
  • _style

Methods :

All methods are static.

  • enable

Methods set _enabled.

  • enabled

Method returns _enabled.

  • log

Method prepares dictionary of args and stores it to _items.

  • flush_items

Method resets _items to empty list.

  • get_headers

Method transforms _items to dictionary of headers.