This sections contains module documentation of cycles modules.


Module loop provides methods for cyclic data manipulation. Unit tests available at hydratk/lib/cycles/loop/01_methods_ut.jedi

Methods :

  • do_until

Method emulates do..until condition loop. Parameter call is callable of some method and parameters. until_call_result is requested method result which ends loop processing. Remaining parameters are used to end processing when result is not met (delay, until_max_attempts, until_duration, until_exact_time). The method checks method result. If met the processing is finished. If not it checks whether the processing should be stopped otherwise it sleeps thread.

from hydratk.lib.cycles.loop import do_until

# delay
do_until((dummy_method,), False, delay=0.13)

# max attempts
do_until((dummy_method,), False, until_max_attempts=2)

# max duration
do_until((dummy_method,), False, until_duration=1)

# fixed end time
do_until((dummy_method,), False, until_exact_time=start+1)