This sections contains module documentation of array modules.


Module multidict provides class MultiDict inherited from collection defaultdict. Unit tests available at hydratk/lib/array/multidict/01_methods_ut.jedi

Methods :

  • __init__

Methods reuses defaultdict method __init__.

  • __repr__

Methods reuses dict method __repr__.


Module provides methods to manipulate with collections. Unit tests available at hydratk/lib/array/operation/01_methods_ut.jedi

Methods :

  • subdict

Method returns subdictionary (given items from original dictionary).

from hydratk.lib.array.operation import subdict
d = {'data1': 1, 'data2': 2, 'data3': 3}

# one item
res = subdict(d, ['data1'])

# two items
res = subdict(d, ['data1', 'data3'])