This sections contains module documentation of messaging modules.


Module provides class FnCallBackMsg Unit tests available at hydratk/core/message/01_methods_ut.jedi

Attributes :

  • _type - callback message type (FN_CALLBACK = 1)
  • _callback - callback method
  • _args - passed to callback as args
  • _kwargs - passed to callback as kwargs

Methods :

  • __init__

Method sets callback method and arguments.

  • set_callback

Method sets _callback.

  • set_args

Method sets _args, _kwargs.

  • run

Method executes callback with given arguments.


Module provides class MessageHead. Unit tests available at hydratk/core/messagehead/01_methods_ut.jedi

Attributes :

  • _async_ticket_seq - sequence start point
  • _async_ticket_seq_max - sequence end point
  • _current_async_ticket_id - current sequence id

Methods :

  • _new_async_ticket_id

Method prepares id for new ticket from sequence. It resets sequence if end point reached.

  • _new_async_ticket

Method stores ticket to _async_fn_tickets.

  • _delete_async_ticket

Method deletes ticket from _async_fn_tickets.

  • _reset_async_ticket_seq

Method resets sequence.

  • _reg_msg_handlers

Method registers hooks for functionality hooks (cmsg_async_fn_ex, cmsg_async_fn, cmsg_async_ext_fn).

  • _process_cmsg

Method decodes binary message, parses it and executes stored functionality hook.

  • _send_msg

Method sends message to ZeroMQ.

  • _msg_async_ext_fn

Method extracts extension and method from message. It finds ticket in _async_fn_tickets, executes callback and marks ticket as finished.


Module provides class MessageRouter. Unit tests available at hydratk/core/messagerouter/01_methods_ut.jedi

Attributes :

  • _service_list - list of registered services
  • _id - router identifier
  • _trn - reference to Translator

Methods :

  • __init__

Method sets _id, _trn.

  • register_service

Method adds new service to _service_list if not registered with given configuration.

  • get_service_address

Methods gets address of given service from configuration.