This sections contains module documentation of debugger module.


Module provides class Debugger. Unit tests available at hydratk/core/debugger/01_methods_ut.jedi

Attributes :

  • _debug - bool, debugging enabled
  • _debug_level - number, level
  • _debug_channel - list of channels
  • _debug_channel_map - debug levels mapped to channels

Methods :

  • fromhere

Method returns location of executed code (file, module, function, line, call path).

  • function

Method returns name of executed function.

  • file

Method returns name of executed file.

  • line

Method returns name of executed line.

  • module

Method returns name of executed module.

  • errmsg

Method prints error message.

  • dmsg

Method fires debug event.

  • match_channel

Method checks if given channel is registered in _debug_channels.

  • dout

Method prints debug message if message level is at least less or equal to debug level and debug channel is registered. Method also supports metadata to localize executed code.

  • wout

Method prints warning message.

  • errout

Method prints error message.

  • exout

Method prints exception traceback.