This sections contains module documentation of dbconfig module.


Module provides class DBConfig with configuration database client. Unit tests available at hydratk/core/dbconfig/01_methods_ut.jedi

Database has simple structure with one table.


Column Datatype Nullable Constraint
grp varchar N  
obj varchar N  
key varchar N  
value varchar Y  
enabled integer Y  
lvl4_key varchar Y  
lvl4_value varchar Y  
lvl5_key varchar Y  
lvl5_value varchar Y  

Attributes :

  • _db_file - database file
  • _conn - database connection

Methods :

  • __init__

Method sets _db_file.

  • connect

Method connects to database and sets _conn.

  • write_db

Method stores dictionary configuration to database table config.

  • cfg2db

Method transforms dictionary configuration (multiple levels) to form which is directly writable to database.

  • db2cfg

Method reads configuration from database and returns cursor output. It can read only active records if enabled (by default False).