This sections contains module documentation of configuration module.


Configuration of commands and options.

  • cmd - list of commands for htk group (create-config-db, create-ext-skel, create-lib-skel, start, stop, help, list-extensions)
  • long_opt - list of long options for htk group
  • short_opt - list of short options for htk group
  • d_opt - target options for htk group (debug, config, config-db-file, debug-channel, ext-skel-path, force, interactive, language, lib-skel-path, run-mode)
  • opt - configuration of short and long options for htk group (parameters d_opt, has_value, allow_multiple)


Legacy configuration of commands, not used anymore.


Configuration of various constants used in application.

  • metadata - name, version, year, authors
  • default settings - configuration file, language, debug level
  • run modes - list (single application, parallel)
  • thread - list of statuses, time intervals
  • run levels - list of run hierarchy levels