This sections contains module documentation of main testenv modules.


Module provides bootstrapper (method run_app) for TestEnv extension. You can run it in standalone mode using method command testenv (i.e. installed to /usr/local/bin/testenv). Unit tests available at hydratk/extensions/testenv/bootstrapper/01_methods_ut.jedi


Modules provides class Extension inherited from class hydratk.core.extension.Extension. Unit tests available at hydratk/extensions/testenv/testenv/01_methods_ut.jedi

Methods :

  • _init_extension

Method sets extension metadata (id, name, version, author, year).

  • _check_dependencies

Method checks if all required modules are installed.

  • _uninstall

Method returns additional uninstall data.

  • _register_actions

Methods registers actions hooks according to profile htk (default mode) or testenv (standalone mode)

  • _register_htk_actions

Method registers action hooks for default mode.

commands - te-install, te-run

  • _register_standalone_actions

Method registers action hooks for standalone mode.

commands - install, help, help long options - spec, input, output, action, element, envelope global options - config, debug, debug-channel, language, run-mode, force, interactive, home

  • install_db_fc

Method handles command te-install. It reads location of database file from configuration (/var/local/hydratk/testenv/testenv.db3). If database is already installed the methods delete it. Database is installed using script install_db.sql (located in /var/local/hydratk/testenv).

htk te-install

testenv install
  • start_fc

Method handles command te-run. If database is not ready it installs it using method install_db_fc. Then in starts web server.

htk te-run

testenv run


Configuration is stored in /etc/hydratk/conf.dhydratk-ext-testenv.conf

  • server_ip - IP address of web server (default
  • server_port - web server port (default 8888)
  • ext_dir - directory where database is stored (including installation script, default /var/local/hydratk/testenv)
  • db_file - database filename (default testenv.db3)