This sections contains module documentation of jsongen module.


Module provides class JSONGen for generating JSON sample according to specification (JSON schema). It uses external module simplejson automatically installed together with hydratk-lib-network. Unit tests available at hydratk/extensions/datagen/jsongen/01_methods_ut.jedi

Attributes :

  • _mh - MasterHead reference
  • _path - directory path of specification file
  • _schema - parsed specification

Properties (Getters) :

  • path - returns _path
  • schema - returns schema

Methods :

  • __init__

Method sets MasterHead reference.

  • import_schema

Method imports specification from file. First fires event jsongen_before_import_spec where parameter filename can be rewritten. It imports file using simplejson method loads and sets _schema. After that fires event jsongen_after_import_spec and returns bool.

from hydratk.extensions.datagen.jsongen import JSONGen

g = JSONGen()
path = '/var/local/hydratk/yoda/helpers/yodahelpers/hydratk/extensions/datagen/spec.json'
  • tojson

Method generates sample according to JSON specification. First fires event jsongen_before_write where parameter outfile can be rewritten. It uses method _tojson_rec (returns json string) and writes to file using simplejson method dumps (default filename sample.json). After that fires event json_after_write and returns bool.

res = g.tojson()
  • _tojson_rec

Auxiliary method to generate JSON sample. It recursively goes through specification structure, processing is driven by element data type.

simple - set ? placeholder array - set list with one item (recursive call) object - process object via recursive call

If schema references another schema it is imported using method _import_ref_schema.

  • _import_ref_schema

Auxiliary method to import referenced schema. It supports local schemas (uri starts with file://) not remote (uri starts with http://). It imports schema using simplejson method loads.