This sections contains module documentation of test modules.


Module contains tests for disk operations.

  • file_single

Method creates single file of 10MB.

  • file_mult

Method creates 1000 files of 1kB.

  • dir_mult

Method creates 1000 directories.

  • dir_tree

Method creates tree of 500 directories.


Module contains tests for event processing.

  • throughput

Method fires 10000 events processed by callback.


Module contains tests for mathematical algorithms.

  • factorial

Method calculates factorial of 10000.

  • fibonacci

Method calculates 10000 Fibonacci number.

  • floating_point

Method performs 1e6 floating point operations.


Module contains tests for memory operations.

  • allocate_single

Method allocates variable of 1GB.

  • allocate_mult

Method allocates 1000 variables of 1MB.


Module contains tests for network operations.

  • request_single

Method sends TCP request to localhost with data of 1MB.

  • request_mult

Method sends 100 TCP requests to localhost with data of 1kB.